Welcome to the second edition of Exploring video poker games where we dissect the strategies behind all of the poker variants we can find. Today we are learning Deuces Wild Video Poker. And no, we are not talking about the movie.

What makes Deuces Wild Video Poker exceptional

You may think the casino has lost its mind but yes, Deuces Wild has a payout to player ratio of 100.76%. However, this applies to Full Pay version of the game, while the Not So Ugly Ducks Deuces Wild offers a 99.73% payout ratio.

But many players don’t even know that. Most of them sit down at Deuces Wild because either they like the concept of a ‘wild’ or they have seen poker videos explaining the game rules.

If you are excited to try Deuces Wild, here’s what you should know first:

The payout of ‘Wild’ Royal Flush is 32 lower than a Royal Flush ( x25 versus x800).

The minimum winning hand is 3 of a kind

With 4 additional wild cards, you will get a four of a kind (x4 payout) 6.5% of the time. That’s why it’s often a good idea to go for the 4 of the kind.

Deuces Wild Vido Poker: tips and strategy

There is asimple way to dissect Deuces Wild for the optimal strategy depending on the deuces you hold in your hand.

You can follow these simple rules:

If you don’t hold any deuces:

Keep all your made hands from one pair, with the exception of two pair. Simply because you don’t get good enough odds to catch full houses.

Keep all your 4-card draws – 4-flush, 4-straight (open ended),

Keep 3-card draws to a straight flush and a royal flushes.

Keep suited connectors like JQ.

If you hold one deuce, you should keep the deuce and:

Keep all your made hands from a 3 of a kind.

Keep all your 4-card draws

Keep all your 3-card draws to a straight flush and a royal flush

Discard 4 cards in every other scenario

If you hold two deuces, keep them and:

Keep all made hands (4 of a kind, 5 of a kind, straight and royal flush.

Keep 4-card big draws to straight flush and royal flush

Discard the other three cards.

With three deuces you only have one option – keep your made hands (5 of a kind and Wild royal flush) or discard the remaining two cards and pray they either comeback as a pair or high suited cards.

With 4 deuces you discard the remaining card.

This is a very simple strategy. It may seem like a handful but after a half an hour of practice you won’t even have to look at our strategy anymore. You will have all of it memorized.

If you don’t yet feel comfortable to try out real money games, you can also look for poker videos about Deuces Wild (seeing others play really helps) or keep practicing.