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Bad memory? Grab this poker hands cheat sheet

Whether you actually do have bad memory, or you want to make sure you always make the right decision, a poker a cheat sheet is always a good idea.

Truth be told, calling it a cheat sheet gives it a bad name. Unnecessarily. So much so, we have a feeling that poker pros decided to call helping material a cheat sheet to intimidate beginners.

If you don’t feel confident about your decision at the poker table, use it whenever you need it be it at the live poker table or online. Especially online.

The simplest poker hands cheat sheet


If you only need a poker hands cheat sheet, here it is:

1. No pair (Deuce to Ace high)

2. One pair

3. Two pair

4. Three of a kind

5. Straight

6. Flush

7. Full House

8. Four of the kind

9. Straight flush

10. Royal Flush

The list above you will be able to memorize in 5 minutes. But here is the problem. Poker is a complex game where you need discipline and attention. If you are going to make a cheat sheet of everything you need to know, you are better off taking a whole book.

What your poker hands cheat sheet should look like

A poker cheat sheet must be optimized. Online you only have 20-30 seconds to act. In a live setting, your time is not limited officially but you probably don’t want to be the guy or gal who is holding back the play and annoying everyone else at the table.

So, what should you put on your poker cheat sheet?

If we were to reverse engineer this solution, we could start by asking what can you remember?

Hand rankings – check.

Open raise range in different positions. It is easier if you play 6-handed cash games, but with a bit of practice sessions this should not cause any problems. Check.

Push-fold chart. This one’s tricky. Because if you play tournaments or sit and go’s, 10-15 bb play will be your bread and butter. You should print it out at first, but in the long run study the ranges meticulously. Check.

Calling odds based on your drawing hand and the size of the bet. Similarly to push-fold charts, if you are a cash game player – this one will have to be in your head. But if you’re a tournament player, it’s a handy chart to have by your side. Check.

Calling/Raising (3bet/4bet/5bet/etc. These are rare situations, especially everything above a 3bet. While for a pro knowing the right decision by heart is imperative, for a recreational player they will be a hassle to learn. Simply because they don’t encounter these situations. So, add this into your cheat sheet.

There you go, we have covered everything you should have in your cheat sheet. Let’s recap:

Tournament players should learn push-fold ranges and print out pot odds situations

Cash game players should study pot odds and print out a push-fold chart.

And if you are an amateur, print out 3bet/4bet ranges. It will be handy for all types of poker –

Jackpot poker or poker deluxe and perfect play offline

Poker is one of those card games that does not lose its fascination, even when bets in it are made on conventional chips. An interesting gameplay remains in the case when the game is played against the “artificial intelligence” – the computer.

That’s why many choose poker offline. Today, there are many applications that you can download to your PC and play for fun.

In this article, we will focus on what is best to download poker software without the Internet. We will bring to your attention their small descriptions and give active links for download.

Texas Holdem Poker 3D – Poker Deluxe Edition

Having decided to download offline poker deluxe on the computer for free in Russian, it is worth to pay attention to the simulator Texas Hold’em 3D (Deluxe version).

First of all, it attracts players with its colorful and detailed 3D graphics. It provides a complete immersion in the gameplay and gives a maximum of positive emotions.

As is clear from the name of such an application, you have to master the most popular version of such a card game – Texas Hold’em. If you are not already familiar with it, then you will have the opportunity to first learn the rules in the corresponding tab.

Then you can start distributing. Their level of complexity and the number of opponents you can configure. At the same time, the maximum number of participants in the distribution is 8 people, including you.

Pleases everyone and the intuitive interface of such an application for playing offline poker deluxe. The buttons here are enlarged, which makes the gameplay as convenient as possible.

The system requirements for this poker offline application are low by modern standards:

  • RAM: at least 256 MB
  • Processor Speed: 1.2 GHz
  • Free space on hard disk: 70 MB.

Governor of Poker 2

It’s definitely worth downloading an offline poker game to your computer for free called Governor of Poker. Its main advantage is a fascinating plot. Here you have to make a whole trip. Not a simple jackpot poker but real adventure. The player goes to the Wild West – to the place where Texas Hold’em first appeared.

The task of the poker player is to beat the governor himself. This is necessary in order to prevent the ban on such a card game. Having gained victory over them in the party, you will also get his post – become the head of the Wild West.

At the very beginning you will have the opportunity to choose the character for which you will perform. Then you will:

  • To beat 80 rivals of different skill level;
  • visit 19 picturesque cities;
  • play in a party in 27 saloons;
  • to acquire 5 large industrial assets.

Here you will have the opportunity to win back card games for cash tables and participate in distributions. On the won money you will need to buy a different transport so that you can travel around the cities.

Also you need to buy real estate. Only becoming its owner in the whole district, you will have the opportunity to sit at one card table with the governor of the state.

However, the advantage of such an application lies not only in the fascinating plot. Its other plus – bright graphics and colorful characters.

When poker players gather at the table, only their wide-brimmed hats and hands are visible. More details about this game you can read from our article: “The King of Poker 2”.

As for the system requirements for Governor of Poker 2, they are also low:

  • Memory: 256 MB
  • 3D-graphics: 64 MB
  • DirectX: 9 version
  • Free space on the hard disk: 200 MB.
  • OS: Windows versions of XP, Seven, Vista

Mastery Series Texas Holdem

You can play offline poker through the popular Mastery Series application. In terms of graphics, it is simple and uncomplicated.

But it fell in love with the players due to the fact that it is a very effective simulator. Here you can learn to play Texas Hold’em from scratch and get the necessary skills.

The main feature of this application is that it collects player statistics. Due to this, he will have the opportunity to analyze the played hands in offline poker and reveal his mistakes.

Here you can choose at your discretion the level of opponents and their style, limits, rake and other parameters. Thus, you can sharpen your skills and improve your skill level at jackpot poker.

The system requirements for such an application are minimal:

  • OS: Windows versions of XP, Seven, Vista
  • Memory: 256 MB
  • Free space on hard disk: 25 MB.

Decide for yourself which of these applications to download to your computer. In any case, you get maximum positive emotions from playing it.

Perhaps in the future you decide to take part in live hands with real opponents and winnings. In this case, welcome to one of the popular rooms!

How to use mathematical calculations in Poker

The first thing that is necessary for a successful game is to be able to make mathematical calculations in poker.

You don’t need to know The Hangover math (I love that movie, by the way) but some basic calculations will help you a lot.

They are based on the whole strategy, so without poker math you will never become a successful player!

Do not be scared – it is not as complicated as it seems at first glance, and even if you did not have a relationship with your mathematics at school, you can study it, thanks to simple instructions for beginners.

Using mathematical calculations in poker, a player can evaluate the benefits of each decision in a bid. Thus, he can secure a profit in the long run, always taking only those decisions that will yield income.

It is not a question of every particular distribution, but of a long distance. Video poker odds are fairly similar, so you can apply all you learn here when playing online too.

Example: for 100 hands, the player faced the same situation. In all cases, he made a decision that will bring a win in 1 hand out of 5.

However, this win not only covers the remaining 4 losses, but also brings a profit of $ 10. Thus, the player secured a profit by determining the profitability of the solution.

So, let’s consider in order – how it’s done:

Outs, Probabilities and Odds

First of all, you need to learn how to calculate outs and probabilities! They are based on mathematical calculations:

  • Outs – the number of cards to improve the player’s hand to the winning hand. You can calculate outs by simply counting the cards in the deck. So, to compose a Flush combination in a deck there are 13 cards, if 4 of them already have you, then – in the deck there are 9 more cards!
  • Probability is the percentage of improving the hand to the winning one. In our example, the probability that we will make a Flash will be 19%, which can be calculated by dividing the total number of remaining cards in the deck by 9 outs.
  • Chances and video poker odds are a more convenient expression for the probability of improvement. To calculate them, you need to divide the number of outs into the number of cards that we do not like. In our case, we get 1 (winnings): 4 (losses). That is, in one hand out of five we will get our Flash.

So, we have calculated all the necessary basic indicators, but most importantly – the chances against improvement, getting a 1: 4 indicator.

Do not be scared, at first you do not need to do these calculations manually, because there are ready-made tables. It is enough to learn how quickly to calculate outs, and on the table to determine the probabilities and chances.

To avoid errors in the calculation of outs, you should study a separate instruction on how to correctly calculate them!

Pot odds

Now we come to the most important thing, and you will see how the calculations made by us will help to determine the correct decisions in the game.

The figure of 1: 4 obtained by us may seem insignificant to you, as you will compose the Flash only in one of five hands. You think this is not enough?

Let’s say, but we need to know not how often Flash will come, but how beneficial our solution will be. And we need another indicator – the chances of the bank.

The pot odds are the ratio of the player’s bet to the bank. It is about the rate that he must put in the bank.

Example: if the bank costs 40 $ + 10 $ (opponent’s bet) – you are required to put $ 10 to raise your opponent’s bet and see the next card.

The next card in 1 case out of five will bring us the Flash, but will it be advantageous in this case to call or is it better to do Fold.

If we divide our rate by the size of the bank, we will get a new indicator of 1: 5 – these are the chances of our bank!

During the game, you can quickly calculate the pot odds on the calculator. You can also use the allowed auxiliary poker software, which will do this for you.

Advantage of decision-making

Now mathematical calculations in poker will help us determine which of the solutions will be advantageous – Call or Fold. To do this, we need to compare the odds against improvement and the chances of the bank! The following rule exists:

If the chances to improve the hand higher than the chances of the bank – you need to invest in the bank;

If the chances of improving the hand lower than the chances of the bank – you need to fold.

This can be confirmed in our example, for which we have already calculated all the necessary indicators! Since our chances to improve the hand above the chances of the bank, we will bet $ 10.

According to the odds against – we will win only in one hand out of five. In four hands, we lose four bets of $ 10 – that’s $ 40. In one hand, we win $ 50 and return your bet to $ 10.

It turns out that for five hands we will stay in the black at $ 10, thanks to the right decision – Call.

How to win at video poker

You can argue with the result – because the bank has more of our money, which we invested in previous trades! It is true, but the calculations are still true. The fact is that in previous trades we made decisions, also relying on mathematical calculations.

The money we invested in previous trades will also pay off at a distance, but in other situations. For example – when Flash came right on the flop.

Mathematical calculations in poker allowed us to choose the solution that is profitable for a long distance. That is, you still lose in four hands, win only one, but get your profit.

That’s why you need to set a goal – not to win in each particular hand, but to make decisions profitable for the future. All the same calculations you can apply if you are here to learn how to win at video poker.

Of course, this instruction was created to familiarize newcomers with how mathematical calculations are used in poker and not how to win at video poker. To competently use poker math, you each need to study each of the indicators in more detail.

For example, some outs that you need to compose a combination can be useful to the opponent and do not need to be taken into account in the calculations.

Nuances a lot and in-depth study of poker mathematics will allow you to learn how to make the most accurate calculations in the game. It only remains to learn how to apply mathematics in practice. And then win at poker. Every time.

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